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The AIM Advantage
Imagine a project manager with an engineering degree, MBA, and Six Sigma credentials as well as hands on experience in engineering, IT, finance, sales and marketing, manufacturing and operations. Next imagine a nimble company with a business model that allows it to invest and absorb risk like a true business partner. Stop imagining!

AIM provides the kind of advantages that most competitors simply cannot.

The “Super-Consultant” Advantage

Depending on the challenge, a typical development effort might require the involvement of numerous consulting professionals with expertise in areas such as sales and marketing, engineering, finance, and quality control, not to mention IT, database design and software development. But what if all that expertise were available with just one super consultant? Not only are you able to avoid the cost associated with multiple consultants, you can also avoid the scheduling, logistics, and quality control overhead associated with managing a multi-person team. This key advantage translates into lower project costs and faster completion times with fewer errors.

AIM brings that collective expertise to the table in the form of a principal consultant with an engineering degree, MBA, and quality credentials coupled with decades of hands-on experience in a multitude of disciplines. AIM is not just another software development house. AIM is primarily a business consulting practice that happens to be extremely fluent in the many languages of information technology.

The “True Partner” Advantage

True partners are easy to differentiate from run of the mill contractors and service providers. True partners make investments and help absorb risk. Partner with AIM to solve your business process, analytics and data management challenges. Think of AIM as your “on staff” expert. We will work together at no cost to you to determine if a technically- and cost-effective solution exists. If it does, AIM can help absorb price risk by offering fixed or ROI-based pricing in order to guarantee the project comes in on budget. Give AIM a call and experience what it is like to work with a true business partner.

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