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Comprehensive Capabilities
From simple spreadsheets to sophisticated mission critical software systems, AIM has the tools to deliver effective and affordable solutions to both common and unique business process, analytics, and data management challenges.

AIM offers a spectrum of solutions that can be uniquely tailored to your needs. More importantly, each solution is scalable and can grow as your needs evolve.

A simple spreadsheet solution to provide insight into key business metrics can easily transition into a database tool to collect and manage data for additional analysis. That database can be integrated with other functions such as word-processing, e-mail, and additional spreadsheets. It can even interface with your other enterprise-wide platforms such as SAP, CINCOM, PeopleSoft, SQL Server, SalesForce and a host of others. At the other end of the spectrum, that initial solution can scale to become its own enterprise-wide, mission critical system accessed world-wide via the Internet or mobile applications.

Because AIM understands evolutionary growth and offers a broad range of capabilities, each solution is built in a forward-looking fashion and is designed with an effective and affordable development path with future expansion considerations already built in.

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